12 Things You Realize Happens When A Bookworm Dates A Non-Reader

Bookworms emerge once in a while to choose their favorite humans.

Everyone knows what it feel like to date a bookworm. But has anyone ever thought about this from the opposite point of view? I mean, we know that given a choice between books and boyfriend, we’d always choose the former. But sometimes opposites do attract. So we find ourselves dating non-readers and realizing some home truths!

1.They don’t understand how you could possibly spend hours browsing books in bookstore!

2. They don’t seem to understand your excitement when you spot book sales.

3. No matter what you might be fighting about, you always seem to have a quote ready for the situation.

4. You often talk to them about your ‘book boyfriends’ and ‘book girlfriends’ and sometimes successfully confuse them no end.

5. A part of you secretly wishes to find Mr. Darcy and gets annoyed when they don’t seem to be on the same page as you.

6. They don’t seem to understand that you can disappear into your books for hours without taking a break till you finish.

7. You insist they read the book before you two go for the movie together.

8. When something catastrophic happens in your book, you’re unable to share the trauma with them. This frustrates you at times.

9. You baffle them by how emotionally attached you get to the book characters and cry days on end when they die!

10. They gift you cute bookmarks because they know how important those are to you.

11. They are thoroughly confused by your need to immediately get hold of the sequel once you finish reading the first book!

12. Yet they finally begin to understand and accept the bookish world you live in, and appear with piping hot cups of tea when you’re down in the dumps about one of the characters.

So if you are a bookworm with a non-reader partner, tell what things have you come to understand and accept about them?

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