5 Signs Your Friends Think you are a Bibliophile

If you are a bibliophile then books are obviously your best friends, but, if you belong to the real world then you might have made friends. You might not have millions of friends but at least a handful of them. By the word ‘friend’ I am not indicating those you have found on social media but those who are there with you both online and offline. These friends definitely know you are a bookworm if you really are a bookworm. Based on my own experiences, I am listing up the 5 signs that prove your friends think you are seriously addicted to books.

1. You are presented with a new book for every other occasion.

You know, you have friends who know what you want for every occasion. What is more precious than a book for a bibliophile!

2. Your social media platforms are spammed with those bibliophile memes.

If you are the only person in the group who have accumulated thousands of books, be ready to get tagged in those memes targeted at you.

3. You are always asked for your suggestions for good books.

For them, if you have already read a dozen of books, you have acquired the power to criticize a book. So, be it a classic or a new-release, you are the only one whose opinion they can trust on.

4. Your library is the most envied thing on the planet.

You can always observe those covetous eyes when they are in front of your bookshelves. Then there would be an innocent request- ‘May I borrow this book for a few days?

5. You have a bookworm-ish pet name.

If you are a book-lover then you have to deal with a lot of odds. One of them is some awkward pet names. I don’t know how do they create those pathetic names but they do. This is reality.

A bibliophile’s friends might be menacing at times but you know they are the best because they are the ones who find you the most exciting deals on books.

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