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5 Best Horror Books of All Time to Spice Up Your Spooky Season

Ah! Finally October. Social media is being blown away with beautiful orange Autumn themed photos of falling maple leaves, the light chills of the incoming winter, the warmth of tea and rich pumpkin soup, carved pumpkins, Jack O’ Lanterns and Halloween. In my city, however, we are just going through terribly humid and warm weather.

So I thought, why not bring some chills in a different way? Like with spooky books? It’s officially the spooky season after all. Now I am a self-proclaimed scaredy-cat and glutton of horror stories but also a book reviewer. While it’s easy to scare the daylight out of me, it’s not easy to satisfy my craving for fine pieces of literature. So, here I am with my chosen list of the 5 best horror books of all time to spice up your spooky season and give you some much-appreciated chills and shivers.

Pet Sematary by Stephen King – We talk about spooks and don’t include the King of horror (pun totally intended), cannot happen right?

Pet Sematary was my second Stephen King book, the first being Carrie,  that I took up and promptly left halfway. No, it is not because I did not like it. It’s because I was too afraid to move forward with that book. If anyone can make my spine tingle with a cold sweat that is Stephen King. I reckon Pet Sematary to be a gem of the horror genre. I did finish the book but in daylight. And slept with lights on.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman – Hello to the book that gave made me try to talk to random black cats on the streets. And gave me lots of sleepless nights; if the book did not, the film certainly did. And  I know both are quite embarrassing. Anyway, the book. Yes, Coraline by Neil Gaiman is honestly one of the best horror books for kids and adults alike. The description of the Beldam really took my breath away in the scariest possible way. One of the best horror stories to read before bedtime. Not for faint hearts though.

Lost Children by Helen PhiferAlrighty! Now this book is not a spooky book as in it does not have ghostlike supernatural entities. But this book is one of the best thriller horror books that I have ever read.

The setting of the book is an old and abandoned mental asylum for children. I can bet my money that when “old and abandoned” fuses with “mental asylum” the stories end up in blood baths. Lost Children levelled up with the disturbing pasts of the child patients,  illegal surgeries performed on them and a killer that took revenge on all those who did wrong to them. A great example of a horror book for adults. Trigger warning for some gory details.

Short Story Collection by Satyajit Ray – On Buzz magazine, we love to read and recommend books of all languages, given there is an English translation available for the larger mass.

Satyajit Ray has left his monumental contribution in art, literature and films alike. The creator of one of the best detective, crime and sci-fi genres in Bengali literature,  has also delved into short stories. Ray’s short stories are mysterious, funny with a dash of spookiness and even goosebumps-inducing horror. He has deftly blended fantasy and horror with almost every genre. Penguin Random House has a compilation of his short stories translated into English. Buzz Magazine has a dedicated five episodes long podcast on Satyajit Ray. With the moniker “Buzzing Back to Black” we discuss his contributions. This episode is all about his short stories. 

adding a link to buzzing back to black

Maya’s New Husband by Neil D’Silva – Maya’s New Husband is the only full-length horror novel by an Indian author. Neil D’Silva is one of the best contemporary Indian horror fiction writers. He has written full-length horror novels and short stories. Maya’s New Husband is Neil’s most famous horror novel. Set in Mumbai, Maya is a school teacher whose husband died. She meets a new teacher at her school, becomes mesmerised and marries him. Maya’s New Husband is a heart numbing thriller bridging between thriller, supernatural, and true crime.

So that is my list of 5 Best Horror Books of All Time to Spice Your Spooky Season. Let us know in the comments what you think about this list. Do you have any recommendations for us? We would love to know.

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