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5 Gifts for your Bookworm Partner

One might assume that gifting bookworms is easy- you just buy a book and it’s done. But honestly, it’s not so easy after all, because even though we bookworms love hoarding books, we do have our specifications when it comes to deciding what we want to read.

If you have a bookworm crush, partner, boyfriend/ girlfriend, husband/ wife, one way to make them happy this Valentine’s Day is to take them on a date to a bookstore and let them buy whatever they want or simply give them a gift card or voucher to their favourite bookstore or book selling site. If, however, you are looking for something more different, something more unique or just something unusual and fun, look no further. Here is a list of gorgeous and delicious gifts you could gift a bookworm you know and love.

Please note that all links will take you to Amazon (IN) and all images are taken from there as well.

This camel suede notebook is something a bookworm will instantly fall in love with because if your partner reads, they are bound to love certain quotes and they if love certain quotes, they are bound to put them down somewhere. Or because they are secret writers too.

This notebook is a bunch of handmade parchment-looking papers inside a suede case that can be rolled. It has a very old-world charm and will leave your reader partner

feeling like they are in another world- something readers are in anyway, but they love to feel that all the time.

This magical Harry Potter bookmark that no reader in their right mind will use because it is so special that they’ll keep in their safe at Gringotts. On a serious note though, this is the ultimate gift you could gift your Potterhead lover as they will cherish it and you for the rest of their life.

The bookmark is like a charm that has the Deathly Hallows symbol, Harry Potter’s scar and an owl. Basically, by buying this one precious piece, you will save up on buying them individually because this one item sums up everything.

This Sherlock Holmes miniature locket is perfect for your bookworm partner who is Sherlocked for life. If you have the patience and would like to add a personal touch to your lover’s gift, you could always make a locket. But if don’t want to, this locket will do the trick.

With Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle written on the front part, the locket opens up like a book and is bound to make any bookworm happy. This is an instant hit. Plus, this locket is unisex, so you could both buy it for each other and have a twin day everyday for the rest of your life, if you like.

This Game of Thrones t-shirt is the bomb! Whether your partner loves the TV series or the books, they will devour this super cool piece of clothing and will always remember you when they show it off among their fellow bookworm/ TV series addict friends.

The fact that this t-shirt has been worn by a male model shouldn’t bother anyone, because if you are planning of gifting this to your girl who loves to read, remember she will love to wear a men’s t-shirt or simply share it with you. *winks*

Ever heard that quote about bookworms wanting a book big enough and a cup of coffee/ tea large enough? Well, This mug is everything! It says: The book was better.

So next time your partner drinks her/ his coffee or tea, she/ he will resist the urge to rant to you and will be satisfied with the mug saying it all. Just kidding. Be prepared for a rant anyway.

Here’s hope you found something useful in this list and that it helps you plan your gift(s) for your bookworm partner. If, for some reason- fingers crossed there’s no reason- you don’t find any of these appealing, like mentioned before, just buy give them gift cards or vouchers to buy the books that they want. We bookworms are easy to please that way.

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