About Buzz

Founded in 2015, Buzz Magazine aimed to become a place for authors to celebrate their work and readers to discover their next good read. Initially, there were book reviews, written interviews, and articles on books and other bookish content.

In 2020, we branched into other verticals such as podcast and video interviews and Instagram Marketing.

We also regularly host Pajama Parties where we invite our followers to watch-along movies with us, along with hosting IGTV Lives at ungodly hours to talk about books, movies, anime, literature and more!

In 2021, we wanted to include the aspiring authors in our safe haven and thus was born Buzzing Good Reads. This aims to help aspiring authors find their stories, learn the art of self editing etc. Aspiring authors can sign up for the same and get a veteran author / editor as a one-on-one mentor.

Along with this, short story competitions will be held biannually by Buzzing Good Reads. Best ones get published in an eBook anthology (for now under the Buzzing Good Reads brand) and the winner wins a chance to pitch their manuscript to Lapsus Creations, our official publishing partners. They will be offered a contract based on the merit.

If you are a book blogger / reviewer, write to us to become a part of our Blogger Outreach Programme. If you are an aspiring author, become a part of Buzzing Good Reads. And if you’ve already published a book and are struggling with the marketing aspect for the same, connect with us and we’ll help your book reach your ideal readers!

Since Buzz is a small business, we are always looking for creative ways to raise funds. One such initiative is TT by Buzz. If you’re interested, we urge you to sign up for the same here.

Another programme in developed is the Buzzy Book Box. If you’d like to be one of the early bird subscribers for the same, please sign up here.