#Book Review: What Light by Jay Asher

Jay Asher had impressed me before with his novel 13 Reasons Why and because of it, I had been eagerly waiting for What Light. It did not disappoint me at all. I read the book over this weekend and let me tell you, it’s one of best weekends I’ve had in 2016.

Why put my heart into something fate will only tear apart Christmas morning? Is what haunts Sierra who comes down to California every year from Oregon to sell Christmas trees in the lot. She has always lived two lives and she has always been content with that fact.

But this year turns out to be like no other. Clearly her life in California has begun to eclipse the life back home in Oregon. All because she’s met an amazing boy who finally seems worth the effort. Caleb and Sierra’s relationship is riddled with complications and has a very rocky start.
Even though there are plenty of characters in the story, no one seems to outshine the other. I like how the central focus is never shifted from Sierra and Caleb, and how Christmas plays a huge part in their story. As someone who has always loved Christmas, you can tell that I was mighty pleased with the storyline.

I love Christmassy reads and this one is surely one of my favourite stories now. It will be special to me because I read it at a time when I was beginning to feel restless and hopeless. What a wonderful thing it is, when we find in books the words that our hearts and minds long to hear. Some stories can really change how you have been looking at life.
For me, What Light did precisely that. Maybe I wouldn’t like the story had read the story some other time. Maybe if I read it if I was already full of happiness and hope, I’d be dismissive of it. But because I started the book at a time when it had exactly what I needed to hear, I loved it so much. And I’m pretty sure I have a book hangover now. It’ll be a Christmas miracle if I stop talking about it anytime soon.

This is a must-read novel for anyone who wants to lift up their Christmas spirit and wants to believe that miracles can happen.
I need you to believe in us. – Caleb. I think these words will stay with me forever. 

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