#Bookabulary Part I by Purvi Mehta

Life comes a full circle with the word; ‘Bookabulary’!

As old as gold and as precious as diamonds, is the fact that books have been an unflinching source of ideas, creativity and what not, but most importantly; vocabulary. With the turn of a millennium, the reading population is gifting the world of books some new bookabulary. Some old and new traits observed among booklovers have found a verbal expression, adding to the ocean of vocabulary.

Here are four interesting terms, or so to say, the lesser-known bookabulary words:

1] Tsundoku

Had we been in a physical set-up for a session on ‘Books’ and if I were to ask for a ‘show of hands’ for how many of you have the habit of buying new books despite the awareness that you might not be able to read them all, would you be raising your hand? Oh yeah! You too? 😉

I am sure more than 80% readers are smiling and imagining an auditorium full of raised-hands, well, well count me ‘in’ too. 😊

Japanese language has this cute sounding term for readers like us; ‘TSUNDOKU’ [ tsoon-doh-koo], meaning, people who buy books but don’t always read them, the book hoarder kinds.

2] Booktrovert

That one friend in our life who is a total extrovert; bonding with everyone, outgoing, outspoken, friendly and everything else that our other friend termed as an ‘introvert’, is not. Although these terms ‘extrovert’ and ‘introvert’ will never be out of fashion, they surely do have a companion now; ‘BOOKTROVERT’!

‘Booktroverts’ are people who love to be in the company of fictional characters from books, more than the company of real people. Now, this makes me wonder that ‘booktroverts’ become who they are by the virtue of the wonderful creativity of the authors’ they read, or is it just an outcome of low-tolerance for the crap of the real world?

3] Librocubicularist

A personalised library with an array of the most loveable books and a cosy armchair is like a dream-come-true for any booklover. Wait not yet! Also do imagine a coffee mug on a table beside the armchair. Yet, we all are guilty of being a ‘LIBROCUBICULARIST’; the one who reads in bed. Certainly, none of us would deny being tagged as one. 😉 Oh, come on! It is okay to be one, we are voracious readers after all.

4] Abibliophobia

Fear of heights, insects, failure, stage etc. are some commonly known fears among humans. Avid readers are faced with a totally different fear called, ‘ABIBLIOPHOBIA’; the fear of running out of things to read. Well, well, the world is sprawling with a plethora of books as much as that are impossible to read in a single lifetime, and yet this fear! Oh boy, we humans are a strange race for sure!

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