#Bookabulary Part II by Purvi Mehta

The circle of life gets larger with the word; ‘Bookabulary’!

I can be as sure as hell; about the breath of fresh air the previous listicle must have provided its readers with. Here is another listicle with a set of quadruples to satiate the reader in you:

1] Doublebooking:

Is that a naughty smile taking shape on your face right now? 😉 Because I am sure you have got the idea of what this word really means. Among book lovers it can be a common story that they never dated anyone (were busy with books you know ;)) but, it would not be a surprise to know that many avid readers might have more than once resorted to ‘doublebooking’. ‘DOUBLEBOOKING’ is when you cheat on a book by starting another book before you finish the first one. Guilty or not? 

2] Fictophilia:  

‘Love’ rules the world! Love for people, things, goals, intangibles and most importantly books. The reading population on this blue planet has taken this expression of ‘love’ to new heights. It is intriguing and worth pondering upon that ‘FICTOPHILIA’; which is irrevocable and passionate love for fictional characters, is this an outcome of reading indulgence alone, or has it got something to do with the decreasing human affection and empathy.

3] Bibliognost:

It is raining books! and so are authors, publishers, poets and readers. It is good, rather very good news that the reading world is expanding. There is always enough space for everyone to grow. This comes with the realisation that we also need more ‘BIBIOGNOSTS’ now, than ever. These are people with a wide knowledge on books. When its raining books, ‘bibliognosts’ can be our best guides. Did you just think of someone you know is a bibliognost?

4] Biblioklept: 

Shoplifters and kleptomaniacs are people who have always been amongst us but are least spoken about in the social community conversations. Here is a word that the book world and reading community can surely talk about. ‘BIBLIOKLEPT’; a book thief, a person who steals books. None can be assured if this is a new addition to the vocabulary of humanity or the category of humanity. 😉 Oh boy! Love for books can make us do strange things!

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