Bookish Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Bookish Tattoo Designs & Ideas

We all know that reading is cool and tattoos are cool, so when you put them together, you get something super cool. As of now, I have three tattoos and two of them are book related. While I was doing my research on exactly what I wanted to get to portray how Harry Potter, and in turn, reading, changed my life- for the better, of course; I stumbled across many gorgeous designs that made me want to get more tattoos. That’s the reason why I thought of sharing some bookish tattoos inspiration designs in celebration of World Book Day.

I will also be sharing photos and the stories behind my tattoos, so be prepared for some narcissism and some major temptation, as well. Aside from the two tattoos I have, I will be sharing five tattoo ideas. Because I have no idea which image belongs to whom, I will try my level best to explain them as easily as possible. Feel free to use them for your tattoo inspiration, if you decide to get one, or two, or how many ever tattoos you wish for.

Also, when it comes to tattoos, I am more of a script rather than a symbol person. Symbolism, for me, is very personal, deep and sometimes, difficult to comprehend. Besides, a book lover is essentially a lover of the written word. So I always prefer going for words rather than designs, which is why, most of the inspirations I am sharing are words.

My first tattoo was the word “Read” on my forearm. What I like most about this tattoo is the script which is a running handwriting. Another very cool part about this tattoo is its versatility. For now, it says “read”, but if at some later point, I decide to change it, there are many words I could make from it, like “reading” or “just read” or something like that. Over the years, reading has truly changed me and helped me become a better person, or so I like to believe. Hence, the idea to simply get the word “Read” tattooed.

Tattoo of the word ‘Read’
© Sarika Patkotwar

My second tattoo is a delight for Potterheads, and I have been stopped by people who were keen to know more about it. Severus Snape is my most favourite literary character, and his love story told me so much about him and his power to love. Besides, Harry Potter was a major stepping stone in my life, because when I opened those books, I never really closed them. They made me feel belonged and when books do that, it is truly special. I decided to make the A of “Always”- Snape’s famous word- into the Deathly Hallows symbol, just to add more Potter to it.

Tattoo of Always, with the A as the Deathly Hallows Symbol
©Sarika Patkotwa

Now that you know a little about my tattoos, here are some inspirational designs/ ideas for you:

1) The word MAGIC with A as the Deathly Hallows symbol and I as the scar on Harry’s forehead

This design looks very pretty, and pretty much sums up a Potterhead’s life, which is full of magic, thanks to our Queen Rowling. It will look super pretty with the rest of the words written in capitals, rather than in cursive, as that will add to the charm of it by making all the words of an equal height.

2) A quote that can be broken up by writing one half on one wrist and the other half on the other wrist-

This will look so gorgeous. The one quote that always comes to mind when I think of this is Martin Luther’s King Junior’s ever famous lines: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” I can already picture how amazing this will look in a running script and I’m sure you can too. The best part is that this quote itself can be broken into two parts, and any one part can be tattooed on both wrists. Like for example, “Hate cannot drive out hate” on the left wrist, and “only love can do that” on the left wrist. Oh, so gorgeous.

3) The words “Reading is sexy” written on the back of the neck

Obviously, we all know that reading is sexy, so why not tattoo these words that have nothing but truth in them. I honestly feel that they will look good anywhere and in any font, but it will look best at the back of the neck, just a few inches below the roots of your hair.

4) A tiny stack of books

This will look so cute on the arm or on the ankle. A very, very tiny- almost an inch or an inch and a half- design of a stack of books will look beautiful because it basically means everything and sums up the life of a reader, which is full of books; read, currently reading and to be read.

5) Anything from any book

Any symbol or words described and written in any book can be turned into a tattoo. Be it something written in Elvish from Lord of the Rings, the “Okay? Okay.” of The Fault in Our Stars, symbols from the Mortal Instruments, from Lords of the Underworld… You name it, and they can be turned into beautiful looking tattoos that will help readers make their love for a certain book, immortal.

I hope this article was interesting for you, and that it has really inspired you to get inked. Tattoos are breathtaking, so why not be a Dementor and take someone’s breath away? Just kidding. Tattoos are a wonderful way to show how much something means to you.

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