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#BookReview: Songs of Shoreless Winds

About the Book:

Songs of Shoreless Winds can be defined best as plain flow of the author’s heart and obviously her untouched thoughts. At myriad moments whatever things gripped her heart, they did find expression in poems that her pen spilled. Somewhere, it’s the author’s attempt to be at ease with herself, to find peace. Somewhere, it’s a misadventure on her part to cross into the territory of love. She mostly have tried to seek life through each and every word of her poems. There is a meaning to life. May be, the author feels that she is going to spend her whole life in search of that meaning. “Songs of Shoreless Winds” is an ardent effort in that exact direction. Will winds be able to be harboured at correct shore or not? This isn’t the real question at all. Reality is the journey undertaken by winds in their quest. This journey is making the author up bit by bit.

The Review:

I read Nivedita Tomar’s Songs of Shoreless Winds earlier this year. Like I’ve mentioned before, this year was my introduction into reading more poetry not assigned to me by teachers / professors. Having interviewed Nivedita for her book of poems, I have known that she chose to write the poems in a last ditch attempt to save herself. Sounds like a cliché though, doesn’t it? Pouring your heart and soul into the words that swim in your head – hoping it just makes enough sense for you to hold onto the hope of a better tomorrow. 

Nivedita’s poems use simple language to convey rather complicated feelings. And through the rollercoaster of emotions that she shares with her readers, she comes to the inevitable conclusion that one needs to love themselves first, accept themselves first. She speaks of time passing, of darkness, of freedom, and of silence and dust storms. The Songs of Shoreless Winds tell you through its many poems the tale as old as time: human emotions. 

We wish Nivedita good luck with her next book, and look forward to seeing what she will have to offer us in the future. 

You can read Nivedita’s Interview with Buzz Magazine right here.

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