Buzz Services

Website Design

If you’re an author who’s just preparing to release their first book or has several books out, but doesn’t have a website – we encourage you to get in touch with us. An author website goes a long way in ensuring your books reach the right audience.

Book Marketing

Want to reach your ideal reader but just don’t know how? Let us help you out with it. We offer the following from Buzz:

Book Review

Video Interview

Podcast Interview

Social Media Marketing

Write to us at [email protected] us for the next steps.

Self-Publishing Guidance

So, you’ve just finished your book and now you’ve decided to self-publish. . How we can help is:

Ebook formatting for Kindle eBooks

Guides on which platform to self-publish paperbacks on

1:1 call to understand the difference between self-publishing & vanity publishing

Podcast & AuthorTube

Looking for creative ways to reach your ideal reader? Send us a mail or let’s get on a call and discuss:

Conceptualize the podcast / authortube content

Editing the podcast / video after recording

Execution of the same