Buzzing Good Reads

About Us:

Buzzing Good Reads is the publishing vertical for Buzz Magazine. We received so many queries from aspiring authors and poets about sharing their work on our platform that we decided to create one for you.

We are going to come out with our first ever print magazine by hopefully end of this year, and even more exciting – we are working towards publishing a series of four anthologies from the house of Buzzing Good Reads.

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Publish With Us

So, what’s BUZZING GOOD READS you ask?

It’s a space for you to share your writing with the world, build your reader base, and just get comfortable sharing your words with the world.

So, how does this work?

Write to us [email protected] with the subject line: Story for Buzzing Good Reads, along with your story, and a brief bio. We’ll write back to you and ask if you’d like a FREE membership or a PREMIUM membership, and create a login for you.


–      You can upload your story, and other stories, to our platform, and our editors will go through it and publish it.

–      Advantage? A ready-made platform for you to share your stories with the world.


–      Email us the story and we’ll be uploading it from our end.

–      Your stories will be reviewed on priority.

–      1-1 detailed feedback and editing services.

–      Access to our paid writing resources.


If you’re a school or college student, we would love to help you achieve your dreams of being an author. So would get the same access as the Premium Membership but at our student discount. You’ll have to prove you’re a student, of course.

Call for Submissions

Six of Hearts [Romance]

Buzzing Good Reads invites you to share a short story between 1,000 to 2,000 words – along with your bio. Mail it to us at: [email protected]

If we accept your short story, you will definitely be hearing from us, along with more details. As well as the next steps, of course.

Contact Us

For any queries, feel free to email us: [email protected]