#Listicle: 5 Bookstagram Accounts You Should Be Following Right Now!

If you’re a book lover and know your way into the internet pretty sure that you’ve come across the term “Bookstagram”

Nope! Never heard about it!

Alright then. For those people who don’t know what a bookstagram is, a bookstagram is an Instagram account for books and anything book related. If you go to the search bar on Instagram and search for the tag Bookstagram, a whole new world will be opened up before you.

Beautiful colours, consistent themes and lots of books. Readers of all ages, faiths and races are the denizens of this exquisite world. Along with readers and book reviewers, authors and publishers are also a big part of this community. Bookstagram is the haven for book lovers to share book reviews, recommendations and valuable insights.

Let me give you a list of the top 5 bookstagram accounts you should follow right now.

However, let you something. This list does not follow any type of grading system. It has not been curated with factors like their number of followers or likes on their posts. It’s random so do read until the end. Trust me you don’t want to miss any of them.

1.   @absorbedinpages

With a feed full of book stacks @absorbedinpages is all about thoughtful posts. Jaime, the account owner is from Louisiana. Absorbed in pages is one of the best Instagram accounts for book recommendations.

2.   @readwithcindy

@readwithcindy is an extremely popular name in bookstagram community. However, her biggest following comes from her youtube channel. Cindy is a bookstagram influencer and is famous for her sarcastic humour. I love how she fearlessly speaks about the problematic things in the book community. Cindy’s bookstagram feed is clean. Most often we see her holding one book before a single coloured background. Often only her arm is visible. Most of her posts have a catchy one-liner caption.

3.   @sumaiyya.books

Avid reader Sumaiyya doesn’t only posts about books but her feed is delectable as well. Especially if you are a coffee lover, you must check out her feed. Her feed has a dark academia vibe. Books, coffee and a cat. What more can you need?

She’s also one of the Indian book bloggers on Instagram that has a massive fanbase.

4.   @foldedpagesdistillery

What a cool username! And an even better Instagram feed. Folded pages distillery does not have any set theme colours. She deftly blends different colours on her feed. She loves posting detailed captions with her photos.

5.   @silkreads

The word I will use for @silkreads feed is refreshing. With white as a base colour, she adds natural green through a lot of plants to make her feed look more vivid. With long and short captions engaging feed she is ruling the bookstagram realm.

Bookstagram is an art. One needs strong photography, photo editing skills along with design and colour sense. Not everyone can pull it off. But if you’re interested, we do have Sarika from The Readdicts sharing some useful tips and tricks for the same.

Which are your best bookstagram accounts? Let us know in the comments.

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