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#Marketing101: 5 Simple Marketing Tips for Every First Time Author

Gone are the days when marketing your book to ensure it reaches the hands of your ideal reader was the sole responsibility of your publisher’s marketing team. They will have marketing strategies and budgets in place. But here’s the truth: nothing seems as authentic unless it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. That’s where you as the author come in. Long before you even have the publishing contract or decide to hit the publish button on whichever platform you’re using to publish your book, ensure you have a marketing budget in place. 

Social Media Marketing 

We no longer live in a world where only television commercials and word-of-mouth work. Reviews online are believed and might also influence your book sales. However, there’s nothing that proves that a bookstagrammer with 60k following would be able to convert those followers into sales. Sales happens when there’s a genuine connection. 

So long before your book is even launched, you need to start talking about your book and building hype around it. You don’t have to give away your key plot points. But you can always bring up the themes you’ve written about in the book and engage in conversation with your community that you’re building. 

Additionally, you’d have to spread yourself too thin by marketing all on social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. What you should do, however, is figure out where your ideal reader might be and market your book there. Depending on the platform you choose, your strategy would be different. If you are unsure about where exactly to market you could look into a healthy mix of three or more platforms. 

If you need help with strategies and content planning, we at Buzz do offer book marketing services. You can always get in touch with us for the same. 

Weekly Blogs 

We can’t stress enough how important it is for authors (whether newbies or veterans) to have a website with a weekly blog. Blogs are a great way to keep in touch with your readers. It’s a good way to talk about things that need more attention. Plus, it’s how your ideal reader would know where to go for some extra content between the wait for books. 

Don’t restrict yourself to only talking about your books in the weekly blogs. Offer advice on writing and publishing, talk about the challenges you’ve faced with your debut novel, and then sometimes throw in a short story or two. After all, you know your readers are always waiting for something more. 


Newsletters are a great way to grow a mailing list. Especially when you share content that adds value to your subscribers. You can always offer a lead magnet to get their attention. Some authors share life updates, others do round ups of what books they intend to read, while a few more also like making lists of resources they use for their writing and marketing etc. You can always give them exclusive sneak peeks into your upcoming books. It would be a brilliant way to build interest and get more people talking about novels/books. 

Guest Articles 

Identify other authors in your niche and ask if you can guest blog for them, while they guest blog for you. This way both of you would gain exposure to each other’s audience and gain the interest of potential new readers as well. 

Additionally, you can also write to literary magazines and offer to write for them as well. Some magazines also hold calls for submissions. And getting paid to write a piece is one of the best feelings in the world. (Yes, we can vouch for it.)

Host Online Quizzes / Games 

Instagram and Facebook stories have made it easier to make quick and fun games. It improves engagement and helps people know about your book, without being particularly salesly. If you are struggling to come up with online games and quizzes – once again – our team can help you with it. From experience, we know it’s a fun activity and helps get more eyeballs on you and your content. 

At the end of the day, your book is your creation. And marketing it well is your responsibility. Ensure that you’re investing in the right things to get more people talking about the book. As always, help will always be there for you if you remember to ask for it. 

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