Our Partners

Gaia Studios

Gaia Studios consults, designs and develops interactive learning content partnering with implementing organizations to co-create social impact. We believe that content digitization and medium diversification is not a costly affair.

Gaia Studios believes quality content is for everyone and everybody deserves a story. They have been our design partner since the inception of Buzz.


Book blogger Debdatta Dasgupta has been a partner for Buzz Magazine since the time we came into being. Be it her weekly column DDS Recommends or contributing articles, Debdatta has been an asset for Buzz!

The most memorable collaboration has been a Bookish Trivia Quiz titled Certified Book Bee that was hosted by both Buzz Magazine and b00kr3vi3ws. It’s all set to make a comeback this year.

The Readdicts

Buzz Magazine has been a huge fan of Sarika from The Readdicts forever. Sarika has written a number of listicles for Buzz, and we have also collaborated on Buzz Quick Chats for Valentine’s Day.

Besides, The Readdicts offers Instagram special services to help authors and publishers in their journeys.


Binati is a GhostWriter and Content Writer alongside occasionally subbing as a Geopolitical Analyst, so it works out. She’s also a Shōnen Otaku who doubles as an Educator. She introduces Buzz to amazing reads, creates aesthetic reels, and best of all, write letters accepting you into schools you always wanted to go to!