Our Team


Young adult, New adult and Children’s novels author founded Buzz Magazine in 2015. Through many trials and tribulations, Buzz now solely focuses on the world of books. She loves reading and wishes to bridge the gap between readers and authors. Aniesha personally oversees all the content that is created at Buzz and conducts interviews of the authors, publishers, book café owners, book box curators, and anyone who has done anything unique with books.

FELIX FELICIS P. BRAHMA – Chief Cuddle Officer

A bundle of adorableness, Felix is the CCO of Buzz Magazine, who likes to make guest appearances in most of our videos. He knows his role in the company.

RANJINI DASGUPTA – Social Media Strategist

Bringer of happiness, mother to all cats and kittens, IT content writer during the day, low key freelancer by the night. Believes that art is an explosion and any form of content has the potential to become art. Imbibes mental health through casual conversation because extroversion has its perk. Emerges into the world of fiction and fantasy when it comes to books.

SUBINITA MAZUMDER – Content Specialist

Subinita Mazumder is a freelance content and copywriter. She is also a book reviewer and runs a book blog. In the realm of bookworms, she’s known as Bookish Veenita. Subinita is an avid reader. When she’s not reading she is having a nice cup of mint green tea with dark chocolate listening to chill lo-fi beats.

RACHITA CHAKRABARTY – Graphic Designer & Video Editor

A creative soul, soft hearted but only for kittens and a geography bachelor’s student exploring her passion in design! More of a giver and believes that, happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one just remembers to turn on the light. A little crazy about makeup, fashion, shopping and series. More of a binge watcher than a binge reader however curling up inside a blanket on a winter afternoon with a book never goes out of fashion.

TAPASWINI DAS – Resident Writer

Tapaswini is a witch who has been trying to repel dementors by conjuring up patronuses from reading books, writing poetry, learning video editing and sketching, loving BTS; and obviously eating chocolates.

She runs a poetry account and is an avid film lover, exploring art through various mediums to feed worms to her creative soul.