#PoetInterview: In Conversation with Disha Malhotra

How did you take up writing?

Writing happened by accident. I was in class I when I got 3 stars for writing a story and I was praised by everyone in school and home. I kept writing stories and poems, eventually I became passionate for writing.

What was your very first attempt at creative writing?

As stated, I was in class I and got praised for writing a story. It was definitely something to be boastful for, during the school days. 

Where did you get the ideas for your poems?

I am always inspired by the changing scenarios; the twirls life takes each day. When you write your daily experiences, you write the real emotions that you go through. My writings are based on realities of life. 

What in particular gave you the idea for From Fullstop to Comma?

Kitabi Keeda - From FullStop To Comma by Disha Malhotra... | Facebook

From Fullstop to Comma is my own journey. When I joined my Law school in 2010, I completely stopped writing due to pressure for 7 years. I began writing in 2018. Hence, the period I stopped writing is referred as Fullstop and Comma is when I again started writing. Also, when I started posting on social media, my writings were plagiarised by my own friend and that is what inspired me to write the book. He may have taken away the fame but he can never take my talent away. 

Do you have a favourite piece in this collection or is it hard to choose from?

It is similar to the situation when you ask your mother who is your favourite child and she is never able to answer. I like each of the poem because each poem carries a very different essence and emotion. But still if you ask me to choose, then it has to be the Mahogany skin. 

Do you have particular schedules or writing routines when it comes to your work?

I don’t feel one should have a writing schedule. Writing is your expression of feelings that you go through and we all go through multiple emotions in a single day. Whenever I feel the urge of writing I pen down or send myself a voice note to edit it later and write whenever I feel like.

What are your future plans for writing? 

I am writing my second book and it is collection of stories. Also, I am learning the Instagram algorithm to grow myself on social media. 

Can you give out a teaser or two for your readers?

Let’s not spill the beans as of now because it is going to be a little different.

Do you have any particular poets who inspire your work? 

I have grown up reading many Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Shelley, Stevenson, Frost, Gibran but my inspiration has always been Agha Shahid Ali. He was a Kashmiri- American Poet and his poems are full of metaphors. 

What would your advice be to aspiring poets?

Always remain true to your content. Be confident in your writing and expression of your real emotion even if you feel vulnerable expressing that. 

Write your emotions, you never know when they will spring to life through a book.

I have started feeling contented with what I have. I am no more a people pleaser and definitely respect for even a small-scale vendor/artist/owner has grown. 

What would be an ideal gift for you?

When people say,” Hey Disha! Your writings are relatable and I felt I was reading/listening to my own emotions”.  

Any book by the authors as stated above.

Call me Ismael Tonight, Country without post office. 

What’s next for you? And when will the next Disha Malhotra book be available in the market?

I am exploring and growing each day. I may come out with another book by next year. My Book is already available on Amazon and Flipkart. It is also available on a virtual store My city my voice Bookstore (@mcmvbookstore- Insta Id) 

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