Client Speak

Buzz Magazine is a one stop destination for readers! From book recommendations to interviews and wonderful articles/listicles one can satiate their taste for language and literature!


Buzz’s Review of my debut anthology of short stories, Afsaane, was precise, sensitive and detailed and it reflected the reviewers’ keen eye for storytelling. I recommend authors to have their books reviewed by their team. Not to mention, my podcast with Buzz was an interesting, lively interaction!


My tryst with buzz magazine was short, simple and profoundly intellectual. They have given a wonderful review of my debut book Aagaz in which i had poured my soul out and I am glad it reverberated with them. I also got to give an interview to Aniesha who was a wonderful interviewer as well as person and we talked a lot on books, urdu poetry and poets and of course about me. I wish them all the best for their future endeavors


I recently published my first poetry book and then a major life change had me too caught up to market it properly. Now that I’m settled in New Jersey and my course has started in person I have the bandwidth to give my book marketing some serious thought. Even though I am from the field of advertising, I am not a book marketing expert. Thankfully, that’s where Aniesha comes into the picture! I met her when I was working in an ad agency back in India and we became really good friends over time. She has been there for me through thick and thin and vice a versa. It has been such a joy seeing her finally fully embrace what she is best at and most passionate about – book marketing! She’s actually also a author herself who owns Buzz magazine and now has started a book marketing business. I trust her not only as a friend but also as a book marketing expert because I have seen her market her own books and man, she’s doing a pretty good job at it. My main objective would be reaching my target group and making sure that my book gets in the right hands, for whoever needs healing, poetry, motivation so on and so forth. We had our first meeting today and charted out a rough roadmap and I love how personalized her suggestions are. It is only the beginning for marketing my first book but I’m already very excited to work with her on this project. Thank you @anieshabrahma Let’s do this! 🌻


My book Insaan Hum Bhi Hain got released recently and I had interview with Buzz Magazine. It was really amazing. The question I didn’t expected someone can ask me I had already an answer for that inside my head ready for that. It was very fun and interactive interview where we spoke about Insaan Hum Bhi Hai and from where the titles came and everything overall I had a great experience working with Buzz magazine.


Buzzy People Speak

Working with Buzz has been extremely gratifying. We learn new things everyday that is helping me and our team grow. Not just personally but professionally. This is a new sector for me, but being the Social Media Strategist, I personally gain a lot of insight into the work I do. Mental health is a big plus here. Our mental health is considered priority. Overall, working at Buzz will keep you buzzy and bubbling, especially when our Chief Cuddle Officer sends us boops and snoots everyday and take care messages. ❤️


Working with Buzz Magazine has been one of my best decisions. The team is  small but it feels like family. We have so much fun that work doesn’t even feel like it. I love Buzz Magazine. And I am here to see it prosper.