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#ThroughTheAges: Papyrus to Pixels

Humanity’s need to communicate is eternal! From stone age to digital age, humans have undergone evolutionary transformation and so has communication. Out of multiple means of communication here we attempt to track down the evolution of visual communication in the form of text and graphics.

From inscribing on stones to plants, from printing on animal skin to fibre, humanity moved from paper to pixels with major leaps at various occasions and has come rather far. 

Mulberry, papyrus, birch bark, vellum and parchments (made from animal skin), cotton rags, other fibres, fishing nets, ropes, and finally wood are the dots to connect while searching for the history of paper’s birth to its evolution process up to this digital-age. Drawing and writing with hand, printing with blocks, Gutenberg’s press, modern day press, to digital print, are the dots that connect while sketching the path ‘ink’ has trekked on paper.

Digital print eradicated the need for a paper and ink infusing a sweet and satisfying joy of saving trees. However, missing-out on the blue-black fluid; shaping lives, histories, emotions and mysteries, leaves a sour taste to the evolutionary process. Paper and ink always carry a vibe, a humaneness to it. Digital devices devoid of such replication, end up feeling more mechanical than humane. This striking difference well expounds the natural attraction of humanity to the old-school paper-ink version as opposed to the modern-day digital diktat. That’s where the bibliophiles fit-in.

What’s more intriguing is; the next stage of this evolutionary process! If the sci-fi ideas are to lead the way, we could easily rely upon ‘holographic text’ being the next stage for humanity. The possibility of words and graphics taking shape in thin air on the directions of the mind could be forged. It would then just appear on the recipient’s vision zone. Woah! That’s another level for sure! Time will tell, if humanity will be reluctant, or accept it with more ease. Till then, we shall keep juggling between paper and pixels.

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